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The scanning cabinet program is a server application to store scanned documents in Perkeep, and to manage them. It is a port of the application originally created by Brad Fitzpatrick: https://github.com/bradfitz/scanningcabinet.

The data schema is roughly as follows:

A scan is a permanode, with the node type: "scanningcabinet:scan". A scan's camliContent attribute is set to the actual image file. A scan also holds the "dateCreated" attribute, as well as the "document" attribute, which references the document this scan is a part of (if any).

A document is a permanode, with the node type: "scanningcabinet:doc". A document page, is modeled by the "camliPath:sha1-xxx" = "pageNumber" relation, where sha1-xxx is the blobRef of a scan. A document can also hold the following attributes: "dateCreated", "tag", "locationText", "title", "startDate", and "paymentDueDate".


Name      Synopsis
scancab      The scancab tool scans document and uploads them to the scanning cabinet Perkeep application.
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