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Release 0.4 ("Oyens")


About a month after the 0.3 release (Glebe), we're happy to release 0.4, codename "Oyens". Oyens, Iowa is one of the cutest towns you've never seen and where I did a lot of work on this release. Its population of 102 includes my grandparents, who let me "work" on Camlistore (yes, Grandma, even after 5pm) when they're not busy force-feeding me.

Or browse at Github: github.com/bradfitz/camlistore/tree/0.4

What is Camlistore?

See the docs and overview.

New in 0.4

There were 8 contributors to this release (3 of whom are new). Here's what we've been up to:

Get involved!

We welcome feedback, feature requests, bug reports, and code contributions!

Feel free to email us on our mailing list, and/or file a bug (or see existing bugs).

While we welcome user bug reports, we also welcome code contributions. See the Contributing page for details. While most the codebase (the server and command-line tools) are written in Go, there's also a lot of JavaScript which needs love, as well as Java (for Android) and Objective C (for iOS). Or anything useful you'd like to contribute.

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