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Monthly Release: 2017-04-05

Camlistore version 9e34d14ef5 built with Go 1.8.

This release comes with the introduction of GopherJS to help build the web user interface. This enabled the addition of two new features in the web UI: Download and Share. Both actions are available in the side bar whenever an item representing a file is selected. The "Download" button packs all the selected items in a zip archive and dowloads the archive. The "Share" button creates a share claim for the selected item, and displays the link that can be used to share the item with the intended audience. Both actions only support files for now (no directories), and Sharing is limited to one item, but these limitations should be addressed soon.

Other notable changes for this release are improvements to the scanning cabinet, especially to its web user interface, and the introduction of a new importer for Plaid, for financial transactions.


SHA256: 76c3cb61a2e1c1acc9f41b84b268090513ba0091b40dc27f12789d56a052ca12
SHA256: e470de0eb4133efc418a12b689c0a7eac29c0cce62a93ece60e58ed5254c5022
SHA256: 14d743ba34a23efb9eb36a11468ed72998d4afc9a449baf112cd2aab011184b8
SHA256: e9b2e41d5e96c3b65a621d7ff41cec562c0a7c5bca5cbc92deda98b57968a8f9

As usual, this release can also be deployed directly through the launcher.

Release Stats

5 total committers over 32 commits since dc4d1650b3332a0257e6a856d3da57b1d28c0b58 including Euan Kemp, Filippo Valsorda, Michael Morrissey, Steve Armstrong, mpl.

Thank you!

Release Notes

Website layout inspired by memcached.
Content by the authors.