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Perkeep on Google Cloud

Deploy Perkeep

This tool creates your own private Perkeep instance running on Google Cloud Platform. Be sure to understand Compute Engine pricing and Cloud Storage pricing before proceeding. Note that Perkeep metadata adds overhead on top of the size of any raw data added to your instance. To delete your instance and stop paying Google for the virtual machine, visit the Google Cloud console and visit both the "Compute Engine" and "Storage" sections for your project.

Perkeep version deployed by this tool: 1cecc714a994efc791813264f5691dd736b65030

Google Project ID:
Existing project ID:
You need to enable billing with Google for the selected project.
Zone or Region:
If a region is specified, a random zone (-a, -b, -c, etc) in that region will be selected.
Machine type:
As of 2015-12-27, a g1-small is $13.88 (USD) per month, before storage usage charges. See current pricing.
Use Google Cloud Free Tier
The Free Tier implies using an f1-micro instance, which might not be powerful enough in the long run. Also, the free storage is limited to 5GB, and must be in a US region.

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