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Get the code

$ cd $GOPATH/src
$ git clone https://github.com/perkeep/perkeep perkeep.org

Making apps that work with Perkeep

Perkeep is built so that other apps can securely access and store data without running alongside it. Perkeep is the perfect backing store for other web apps and CMSes.

Detailed documention on the HTTP blob retrieval protocol can be found at the protocol documentation. The client, search and schema packages are also a good place to start.



To work on the documentation, you’ll need to locally build and run the server (pk-web) that serves perkeep.org: go install perkeep.org/website/pk-web && pk-web --help. The contents of the website are in the static and content directories under the website directory.

Website layout inspired by memcached.
Content by the authors.