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Release 0.10 ("Bellingham")


We're happy to announce Perkeep version 0.10, arriving about one year (too long!) after our last release. It's named after Bellingham, WA, home of LinuxFest Northwest, where Mathieu and Brad just met up in person and gave a talk on Perkeep. [slides] [video].

This is our first release with the name Perkeep since we renamed the project from Camlistore.

Some notable highlights of 0.10 include:

See below for the more complete list.


This is our first release with an official Docker image. It contains the server and client binaries, but comes with no documentation. We assume for now that you know Docker enough to use it:

$ docker pull gcr.io/perkeep-containers/perkeep:0.10


Our Android app has been updated on the Google Play store.


SHA256: a76c17fab2e72cd68c0fb7a2762c21be1b9d6bd06f88c52ef56f3f9f3dba62db
SHA256: 96a9832efccad5f8037d75870287539382b22dfa5795f113551bd9386def8f88
SHA256: 888a4f4cda2212e8f46194a79dba5c38ad6a5890ea407b4f899645d1c6695244
SHA256: 87d7a8f1c1a33c8abc6827d67f72decce16424f49a6db51c03d70af89008c034

Release Stats

33 total committers over 597 commits since d21ecfd24 including Adam Shannon, Ashley McNamara, Attila Tajti, Brad Fitzpatrick, Bruce C. Dillahunty, Daniel Heath, Daniel Lipovetsky, Eric Drechsel, Fabian Wickborn, Filippo Valsorda, Govert Versluis, Hernan Grecco, James Hillyerd, Josh Bleecher Snyder, Magnus Landerblom, Markus Peröbner, Mathieu Lonjaret, Max Bernstein, Michael Houston, Mike Lloyd, Paul Jolly, Paul Lindner, Peter Etelej, Phillip Couto, Piotr S. Staszewski, Ronald Evers, Sergi Mansilla, Stephen Searles, Sterchele Nicolas, Steve Armstrong, Steven L. Speek, Tamás Gulácsi, Tilman Dilo, Will Norris.

Thank you!

Other Changes

Some other changes not mentioned above but excluding the most boring cleanups:

Point Releases


Released on 2018-05-14. Bug fixes since 0.10:

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