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Release 0.11 ("Seattle")


We're happy to announce Perkeep version 0.11. Breaking with tradition, this release isn't about any particular new feature, but it seemed as good a time as any to cut one, given that it was repeatedly requested (on GitHub in particular). It is named after the iconic Pacific NorthWest City, where some of the latest (as well as some older ones) ideas for Perkeep were born and brainstormed.

This release is mostly a bug fixes one. However, some of the notable changes, related to the development and lifecycle of the project itself are:

In addition, with the intention on making providers development more modular (and for other reasons explained in the project), we started this related project for importing Google Photos: gphotos-cdp.

See below for the more complete list of changes.


SHA256: a79494d507fd076c301878af8606a7d401493b2cafa86d24e96c6a9c4f890327
SHA256: b3fc257a3831e7782dd76731f286d3e914c2aac37a198eee7c7f076909eb6fb9
SHA256: 9ca95022a5b7547dbcfa0cc6558676c02d3a282f8a4b3c950d8d68291b40a4eb
SHA256: 59d1303414db7bcf1e59bcac89b215c5e82a1d389fc1c1d20750d44326abddfe

Release Stats

22 total committers over 213 commits since b57013cb8296ee4b670aaf5b15ed5912595d37c6 including Angel, Attila Tajti, Brad Fitzpatrick, Chirag Sukhala, D Anzorge, Euan Kemp, Ian Denhardt, Ian Lewis, Neil Pankey, Nick Loadholtes, Niklas Merz, Omar Chehab, Omer Davutoglu, Paul Lindner, Philip Silva, Robert G├╝nzler, Sergio Pantoja, Stephen Searles, gina, Viktor, Will Norris, mpl.

Thank you!

Other Changes

Some other changes not mentioned above but excluding the most boring cleanups:

Website layout inspired by memcached.
Content by the authors.