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Release 0.7 ("Brussels")


Camlistore is continuing to grow in maturity and userbase, particularly the latter after @bradfitz and @lejatorn gave a talk on at FOSDEM 2014 in Brussels (video: YouTube / WebM). We're making improvements to the website and documentation to improve the experience for those new users who want to get involved in the project. For now, your best bet is still to drop by on the mailing list and say hello!

Or browse at Github: github.com/bradfitz/camlistore/tree/0.7

Release stats

15 total committers over 350 commits since 0.6 (just two months ago), including Aaron Boodman, Aaron Racine, Andrew Gerrand, Andy Smith, Bill Thiede, Brad Fitzpatrick, Brian Gitonga Marete, Dan Erat, Dustin Sallings, Kristopher Cost, Mateus Braga, Mathieu Lonjaret, Nick O’Neill, Tamás Gulácsi and Tommi Virtanen.

Thank you!

New in 0.7


Web UI





Website layout inspired by memcached.
Content by the authors.