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import "perkeep.org/pkg/blobserver/overlay"

Overview ▾

Package overlay registers the "overlay" blobserver storage type that presents storage that is the result of overlaying a storage ("upper") on top of another storage ("lower"). All changes go to the upper storage. The lower storage is never changed.

The optional "deleted" KeyValue store may be provided to keep track of deleted blobs. When "deleted" is missing, deletion returns an error.

Example usage:

"/bs/": {
  "handler": "storage-overlay",
  "handlerArgs": {
    "lower": "/sto-base/",
    "upper": "/bs-local-changes/",
    "deleted": {
      "file": "/volume1/camlistore/home/var/camlistore/blobs/deleted.leveldb",
      "type": "leveldb"


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