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import "perkeep.org/pkg/blobserver/remote"

Overview ▾

Package remote registers the "remote" blobserver storage type, storing and fetching blobs from a remote Perkeep server over HTTPS.

Example low-level config:

"/peer/": {
    "handler": "storage-remote",
    "handlerArgs": {
        "url": "https://some-other-server/base",
        "auth": "userpass:user:pass",
        "skipStartupCheck": false

The "handlerArgs" may also contain an optional "trustedCert" option to trust a self-signed TLS certificate. The value is the 20 byte hex prefix of the SHA-256 of the cert, as printed by the perkeepd server on start-up.


func NewFromClient(c *client.Client) blobserver.Storage

Package files


func NewFromClient

func NewFromClient(c *client.Client) blobserver.Storage

NewFromClient returns a new Storage implementation using the provided Perkeep client.

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