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import "perkeep.org/pkg/blobserver/replica"

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Package replica registers the "replica" blobserver storage type, providing synchronous replication to one more backends.

Writes wait for minWritesForSuccess (default: all). Reads are attempted in order and not load-balanced, randomized, or raced by default.

Example config:

"/repl/": {
    "handler": "storage-replica",
    "handlerArgs": {
        "backends": ["/b1/", "/b2/", "/b3/"],
        "minWritesForSuccess": 2


func NewForTest(sto []blobserver.Storage) blobserver.Storage

Package files


func NewForTest

func NewForTest(sto []blobserver.Storage) blobserver.Storage

NewForTest returns a replicated storage that writes, reads, and deletes from all the provided storages.

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