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Release 0.5 ("Castletownbere")


Another month, another Camlistore release. After our 0.4 release, we're happy to release 0.5, codename "Castletownbere". I'm currently in Castletownbere celebrating my grandmother's 80th birthday with a bunch of extended family. While I haven't done much hacking in the past few days, we've all had a pretty productive month, busy working on new features and fixing bugs.

Or browse at Github: github.com/bradfitz/camlistore/tree/0.5

What is Camlistore?

See the docs and overview.

New in 0.5

My apologies if I forgot something in this summary.


Thanks to Aaron Boodman, Andrew Gerrand, Bill Thiede, Hunter Freyer, Nick O'Neill, and Mathieu Lonjaret for the changes in this release, and thanks to everybody else who has contributed bug reports and questions on the mailing list.

Get involved!

We welcome feedback, feature requests, bug reports, and code contributions!

Feel free to email us on our mailing list, and/or file a bug (or see existing bugs).

While we welcome user bug reports, we also welcome code contributions. See the Contributing page for details. While most the codebase (the server and command-line tools) are written in Go, there's also a lot of JavaScript which needs love, as well as Java (for Android) and Objective C (for OS X and iOS). Or anything useful you'd like to contribute.

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