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Release 0.8 ("Tokyo")


Forgive us Internet, for we have slacked. It has been over 5 months since our last release.

But we've been busy hacking away and have good stuff for you. The most exciting thing in this release is probably the new importer system and implementation of a bunch of importer types, slurping in your content from elsewhere on the web and mapping it into Camlistore's data model and letting you search it. In addition to importers we've improved search, started pulling code out of the core into separate "apps", and just made general improvements and bug fixes all over the place. Enjoy!

And if you find yourself in Tokyo for a GoCon conference, be sure to check out Robot Restaurant. It's wonderfully bizarre. This release may not have robots, but it does have importers which can run automatically, which is almost the same? Okay, maybe not.

Or browse at Github: github.com/bradfitz/camlistore/tree/0.8

Please note that Go 1.3 or newer is now required for this release.

Release stats

30 total commiters over 610 commits since Camlistore 0.7, including Aaron Boodman, Andrew Gerrand, Antti Rasinen, Bill Thiede, Brad Fitzpatrick, Bret Comnes, Brian Gitonga Marete, Daniel Coonce, Daniel Erat, Edward Sheffler III, Eric Drechsel, Govert Versluis, Hernan Grecco, Joshua Gay, Mario Russo, Mathieu Lonjaret, Matt Jibson, Nick O'Neill, Philip Snowberger, Piotr S. Staszewski, Ritesh Sinha, Rob Young, Robert Kroeger, Steven L. Speek, Tamás Gulácsi.

Thank you!

New in 0.8


Web UI






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