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Monthly Release: 2017-03-01

Camlistore version dc4d1650b3 built with Go 1.8.

In addition to all the changes - see the release notes below - we are pleased to introduce "The Camlistore Network": as of now, any Camlistore instance created through the Camlistore Launcher gets a hostname in the camlistore.net domain, as well as an HTTPS certificate for that name. The hostname is the short form of the GPG key fingerprint of the Camlistore instance. So if your GPG key fingerprint is e.g. DF4A6661, your instance runs at https://df4a6661.camlistore.net.

Another notable addition, albeit experimental as well, is the Scanning Cabinet app, a port of bradfitz/scanningcabinet.


SHA256: 5e5be0fbf9202b48fab0084ae601dbbec7464d1c9aa9174c807b496b00bf2dc7
SHA256: 1a92b34f5091254ab6f7806fc085d40029c337eed6b64deed75f815894e18272
SHA256: 92cc506728bbcba014ef455dcd3c720cb1fb244581dbb21046c8dcb8fc619fbc
SHA256: 007e08b04ba05ccfcbac6863aff61b99d50fbcd387ea2c3bbb68f1457d3811f9

Release Stats

20 total committers over 602 commits since cf0c847fbf7e3e48ef463e86674520a4da9aedbb including Aaron Boodman, Aleksandr Mogylchenko, Alok Parlikar, Attila Tajti, Brad Fitzpatrick, Daniel Heath, Eric Drechsel, Filippo Valsorda, Jeremy Schlatter, Jeromy, Joseph Anthony Pasquale Holsten, Kate Pek, Ricardo Kirkner, Stephen Searles, Steve Armstrong, Tamás Gulácsi, Tilman Dilo, Will Norris, kortschak, mpl.

Thank you!

Release Notes

Website layout inspired by memcached.
Content by the authors.